your love

I still remeber the first day we met
We were too shy to say much
Its funny to think back to that time
Because now we are having a ball
They say true love is rare
An adage that I believe to be true
Genuine Love is something I cherish
Am I so lucky to have you
Our bond is extremely special
Its unique in its own way
We have something irreplacable
I love you more and more each day.
We’ve been through so much in so little a time we’ve
I will never forget all moments you’ve showed me
you care.
Lovers are forever
Especially the bond that you and I posses.
I love you fun filled personallity
Somehow you never fail to impress
You are someone I can never replace.
I had no idea that when we met,
I would ever fall into love like this
Never in my life could I have ever in my wildest
dreams and boyish
Childhood fantasies imagined being so madly in love
All my life I longed for a woman
Stunning and beautiful but never expected those
desires to not only be met,but surpassed
As they were with the masterpiece
of your reflection in my mind
My love is yours
My. Life is yours
For you fullfil more than my dreams could ever
My word expression isn’t enough for me to prove
this to you.



Tears of blood fall from my broken heart
I never thought we would be apart
When you held me you said “forever”
Now that you’re gone I know you meant “never”
Saying you love me with that look in your eye
And that was a cold hearted lie
Your tender touch, a soft kiss
Two things about you I will miss
As I sit here thinking about you
My face is wet with tears past due
I should’ve cried a long time ago
But I loved you so
I know they say love is blind
But I had only you on my mind
A hurt so deep it cuts like a knife
But wounds heal and I’ll go on with my life